City World Radio network is an International radio broadcast network, broadcasting at 44.1 hKz in High-definition over the internet on proprietary high-speed digital servers.

City World Radio Network was started by John Anello Jr, a musician and lawyer, and also owner of Cexton Records, an audio phone jazz CD label.  Anello would buy expensive time on on-air radio stations and broadcast his radio show.  Realizing the cost was prohibitive, and also realizing that technology had made it possible to broadcast live audio over the internet in real time, he started City World Radio, once of the first 24/7 full-time radio stations to broadcast original content exclusively on the net.

Also realizing that there were many others who dreamed of broadcasting but could never afford commercial radio costs, he invited several people to host their own show on his network, and broadcast their own shows.

Starting with only 4 broadcasters and broadcasting from a restaurant because a studio was unaffordable, , City World Radio network has grown to a full network of broadcasters who write, host, and produce their own shows at the CWRN studio in NYC.

As the station grew, it added many listeners from around the USA, and 44 other countries who listened in regularily to the broadcasts.  He also created an archive to record and preserve all shows, making  them available to anyone On-Demand.  Agreements were also forges with other networks who rebroadcast the CWRN content, and also with, which streams all CWRN content live on smart phones.  A broadcast studio was obtained to produce and broadcast 24/7 content from CWRN.

City World Radio continues to grow and flourish, with many new broadcasters, new shows and new  content.