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6 hours ago

Democracy Now!

NAACP President Derrick Johnson responds to calls for Trump to resign: "He admitted on tape that he harassed women. And if that is the standard that we’re looking at, yes, he should step down." See MoreSee Less

Calls for Trump's resignation over harassment


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I do support these opinions 100%, but one thing that Johnson said bothered me. I felt that comparing the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal to the trump situation was a slight misjudgement. As far as I know, Bill Clinton had a consensual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, in no way in my mind is that comparable to "grabbing" women "by the pussy". It’s crazy to me that we actually impeached Bill Clinton and yet the U.S government allows Trump get away with admitting to non-consensual harassment on countless occasions.

trump has made audio and video tapes showing all of America that he doesn’t respect anyone including wives of presidents of other countries and other foreign people in office. He should be forced to resign and all of his bills etc. need to be reversed.

Well, he won’t resign because he knows the allegations are false and political sabotage- and they just voted 368-57 against impeachment so that’s not looking good. But, it gives the MSM something to talk about and give the neverTrumpers hope.

He would NEVER resign willingly, EVER, he’ll have to be impeached or forced to do so, he’s way too invested in being the talk of the town (even if it’s through making the worst decisions a US president could possibly make)

Since the standard for losing one’s job or their removal/resignation from political office seems to be based on the number of sexual harassment allegations made against them then it stands to reason Trump should resign from the office of President of the United States.

Well who do you propose to stand in for him? Criminal Killary! By the way dont isolate dotard just abt everyone has been molesting women in this country its part of our culture

Attn dumbasses, you will have to survive with Donald Trump as your President! America first has brought about the change Americans have been waiting for! So keep crying and trying if you must but best believe President Trump will have two terms before America has to let him leave office. Love my President!

And once again the Democrats thought by outing Weinstein because it would start the ball rolling and then they kept letting Democratic supporters get exposed meanwhile they were standing up for 2 senators until they realized that they could use this against Trump, 2 seats that are definitely going to be filled by Democrats so no real political loss but getting a bigger stick in the process.All of this to get to where we are today, My guess, more false accusations by women against Trump, hell one of them is even accusing him of looking at her as a pageant contestant, the nerve of him. The media is desperate and so are the Democrats, they do not care who is in the way, they want power. I cannot wait until the real next round of allegations come out, oh gee they already are 90% of the Senate Hush money was paid out because of Democrats AND the initial amount of 17 million, was nothing compared to the total that is about to be exposed. I think they were calling it "The 2 year Top Up Fund" Tick Tock

We all want Trump to design for a thousand reasons. It’s not going to happen. These men should have attended and shamed trump the entire time

So do I. So what if this dude says he should be shitcanned. how far does anyone think his shit’s gonna fly, when millions of other, more famed & well-known people & celebreties, and just plain old trash want the same thing to happen? Sorry, Amy & Derrick but you’re voices don’t matter. You & us don’t count.

people willfully voted for him after he bragged about that, democracy is democracy; if fools vote for a fool so be it! the NAACP hasnt a clue on how to help the national Black community deal with the upcoming cuts in three years! After all the Black Movements since Garvey, why these dudes talking like JHS students??

Which one if these two clowns will be first to get accused of sexual harassment? I bet the older one on the right, although the one with the duck dynasty beard is a close second.

Trump the molester. Did he strike again? Watch it ladies.

The theocracy Pence will try to create scares me more than DT, tbh.

Ya but if anyone cared about that he wouldn’t of gotten elected. Trump isn’t the problem. He’s just a symptom.

I wonder do our people know who started the NAACP and why?

Yes, absolutely!!! Thank you gentlemen!!

Resign? It won’t happen. Trump has made a career out of shamelessness.

Trump was born in Russia. Let’s be real.

It’s not harassment when they throw themselves at you.

and if that is your legal argument and offer of proof, you need to be reeducated

You’re just an asshole now, Amy. An asshole.

Not really. He said they let him grab them.

Stop crying, snowflakes… 😭❄️


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9 hours ago

Democracy Now!

Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba is one of many black community leaders speaking out in protest of Trump’s visit to the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum: See MoreSee Less

Chokwe Antar Lumumba on Trump


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They’re exactly right. It’s a sad state of affairs when the president can’t respect the American people and the constitution to the point of being unwelcome at the opening of a civil rights museum.

Democracy Now! Your page admin needs to do some serious Troll busting. your comments section is infested. It mystifies me how many ‘people’ hate your posts but still follow you and comment freely to piess people off. It’s really easy to spot a fake profile. You just have to look at them really well. They are all the same. Report them to Fb. Block them. They’ll tire soon enough.

Did you know that the name Antar is of Arabic origin where Antara was a black warrior and was very strong and brave. In Arab culture Antara is a symbol of black men fight for freedom. His father was white but his mother was a black slave of his father Shadad. Like any great fighter, Antara had a strategy and thought when fighting. He was asked how come he was never defeated and strong men feared him? He said: In the battle, I look for a weak fighter and hit him so hard with sword or the spear so that when the brave sees it he loses his heart of fear." Another man asked Antara: How did you get your reputation? Antara said: By bravery. the man said: You are not the only brave, but they are not like you? Antara said: bravery is not what you think. the man asked: what is bravery? Antara said: Patience. the man asked: how do you mean? Antara said: put your finger in my mouth, and i will put my finger in your mouth. I will bite your finger and you bite mine. the one who cries first will be defeated. The man bit hard and Antara did the same. five minutes later the man cried and let go. Antara said: I would wait the whole day and night." that is the man Chokwe Antar Lumumba was named after.

My dad stood for something 50 years ago so we are going to be unwelcoming to others who might not have our same viewpoint 😳 Dad would be proud I’m sure

For trumtler and his enabler "eva braun" wife to posture for "civility" is absurd as his doublespeak re Peace in the Middle East.

Our President doesn’t need a picture with you, there are masses of people who would love to have a picture with the President! So go hide and cry in your safe space whiny little bitches! #MAGA #AmericaFirst

Having that “president” at an event honoring civil right activism is as offensive ( and out of place) as having a SS Honor guard parading at a Jewish wedding!

Judges 19:24 8.2 was what i chose to do to them numbers that you give for likes and it’s all there for history and learning what you cam.

This schmuck should welcome the duly elected President of the United States and talk with him about policy differences instead of following the example of John Lewis. Very sad.

Trump had no business attending the event. Sociopathic, narcissistic scumbag.

He had no business being there.

To each his own. Myopic people often vote for unqualified mayors.

He’s just a fat hypocrite. He was in it for the photo op.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican…

Hope a catastrophe doesn’t strike in their area and they need assistance. Toot sweet too bad.

Who the hell elected 50 Cent as mayor? That’s what you get for teaching ’em to read…

Trying to help support civil rights

People lose in the human race

How ironic would be if this jackass voted for trump

Ken, Lonny, l’d like you to meet Mohammet, Jugdish, Sidney, Chokwe and Clayton.

Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba where is your award? Guess using the race card is the best political platform you have… #MAGA #liberalsRuinEverything

Impeach the leech

well said

I stand with you ❤️

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13 hours ago

Democracy Now!

Officials in Mesa, Arizona, have released a police body cam video showing unarmed Texas man, Daniel Shaver, holding his hands above his head and pleading for his life, moments before he was shot dead by an officer who had ordered him to crawl toward police. Warning: This video is disturbing. See MoreSee Less

Arizona cop shoots unarmed Texas man Daniel Shaver


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this is why Kaepernick takes a knee…not to offend your tender feelings for the flag or the troops you supposedly support or whatever attempt you make to distract from core issue that cops are supposed to be law enforcement not death squads.

At what point are the Police going to be held responsible for their constant careless miscarriage of justice

He is a monster!!! He throughly enjoyed making this young man crawl and then execute him!!! It’s very disturbing!! This should be the death penalty for the cop!!!

At some point some one is going to shoot a cop – and then make a possibly justifiable case that they "feared for their life".

They have body cams and still don’t give a shit!! They think they are above the law! Something needs to change!!

This shouldn’t be the kind of video to play automatically on facebook. I’ve already seen and don’t want to again. It’s horrible, almost like a horror movie. The poor man was so scared and trying to obey the stupid instructions.

That is not manslaughter.
It’s cold blooded murder.

But hey, when you have badge and a blue uniform.

The police all over America are getting their training from the terrorist organization IDF of Israel. What do you expect?

I live here in Mesa, AZ. This cop is NOT a good representation of MPD. Mesa cops are better than this. I have watched them work hard to not discriminate race, sexual orientation or special needs, to use non lethal force and be active in their community.

Cops maintain the Capitalist state for the 1%, as long as they feel superior to us, this isn’t changing. The US culture overall has failed and since you can’t just "pull the plug" on a culture, we are seeing it fall apart before our very eyes. The very place "you were lucky enough" to be born in is the nightmare we rush to escape.

Basically anyone who wants to be or is a serial killer just joins a police force and hides behind the badge making 1. Every cop’s reputation unfairly suspect and therefore 2. Every cop’s life that much more endangered, as the unintended consequences of fear of following cops’ orders will still get you killed.
Good cops everywhere should be outraged at the unlawful use of the badge by unhinged men abusing the important power warranted to cops.

I’m pretty sure the suit will succeed, and it’s the only way to make the city pay attention; but that won’t bring the poor man back to life. I just hope that the family won’t sign some arbitration agreement that will allow this to be covered up. He was accused of pointing a gun out the window but there seems to be no evidence that he did so.

So not knowing how to play simon says with cops is reason to be assassinated? Fucking power hungry cowards! FTP!

Too many ex military men in the police ranks. They organizations are similar but have different goals and operations. The cops are not supposed to treat us like the enemy!

I read somewhere jury never even saw this video. That’s one of the biggest travesties. The things that the courts will and will not allow people to see or have evidence withheld. It’s ridiculous. What’s even more appalling, is that they know they have these cams on them and they still behave this way. I can’t even imagine what they do when there’s no cameras on them. Ps. I was wrong, apparently the jury did see it.

This video isn’t showing the hole truth . There’s lots more missing . Specially when the guy is crawling on the floor with the hands in the air and crying . The officer giving 10 minutes of Simon said command… He had plenty of time to arrest the guy but he just didn’t do it . He wanted to abuse his power . Shame shame !

He made him crawl and shot him dead. The guy could barely speak, he was frightened!!!!! This cop should be publicly lashed and then thrown in a jail cell for life! Death sentence would be a mercy.

The instructions by the police were stupid insulting and meant to humiliate. He was just looking for an excuse to execute. How could they not have indicated him

What the fuck is wrong with these people ? OmG! He just executed the dude ISIS style and he walked out of it. For real people what the fuck is wrong with you

Awful. If I was Black, I would probably be dead at least 1 or 2 times over, for innocent, vile interactions with fascist storm trooper "Police". We MUST stop/fix this rampant police fascism!!!

To watch this video is to witness a cold-blooded killer in action. The judge who exonerated this man should be removed from the bench and disbarred.

AZ and FL won’t ever be visited by me or my family. Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee seem humanistic in comparison.

40+ years later, I’m suffering from police brutality injuries, hard kick to the knee, club to the head. “Liberal” San Francisco, we had our own Joe Arpaio of sorts.

I complied with the two SFPD and three men “in black” – I was not their man and the police were pissed, so I was kicked by “SF’s Finest”.

Yes Papadopoulos. It looks like a set up. It looks cruel and intentional. If nothing else it shows an unbelievable indifference to a persons life. If he had by some miracle been hiding a weapon. How the hell could he have reach d it before TWO cops could have shot a warning shot

That’s MURDER, clear, simple and in plain recorded image. Helpless defenseless man on knees on a corridor against rifle in position, bullet proof geared police aiming and shooting without mercy. Why the police is so scared enough to shoot a man like chicken hunting? What’s the rational. What the hell is the police and authorities thinking in USA?

I hope they win… The game this officer was playing with the conflicting commands to a totally stressed out panicked and terrorized man who didn’t even know what he had done caused this to happen.. That officer wanted to kill him!

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