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21 hours ago

Democracy Now!

A brutal and underreported ethnic cleansing campaign in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has driven hundreds of thousands of people of the Hema community from their homes. Journalist Nick Turse says severity and speed of Trump’s cuts to the U.N. peacekeeping mission prevented the international community from intervening sooner and saving lives. See MoreSee Less


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The following should be the focus of the interview: "the Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s in the heart of Africa, a tremendously large place, a poor country in terms of GDP, not poor when you look at the resources under the ground. There’s $24 trillion worth of mineral wealth beneath the ground in Congo. So there are always—you know, a lot of multinational corporations are interested in getting into Congo." In other words, the violence in the Congo and surrounding countries doesn’t happen in an international vacuum. The U.S. and other Western countries continue to rape Africa through resource extraction, which is made possible by these types of violence against the people whose lands are rich in mineral resources.

Time to let the world figure itself out.. NO MORE WARS for the USA. WE are not taking care of OUR OWN, do not need to interfere in other nations politics. When we cannot bring in refugees from nations where WE destroyed their stable government, we do not need to be contributing to others internal issues!

The international community is no better than Trump when it comes to Africa who are y’all kidding.

let, Britain, Germany, or hey let China pay for that shit, American taxpayers are tired of coughing up our money for this bullshit

Trump is a menace to the world. As are the Republicans. They are equal in viciousness.

Can we get some good news? People saving puppies from ISIS, or something

Appreciate this, what about Gaza??? Are you fairly reporting on it?
I get your updates.. but can’t recall too much on the genocide of the Palestinian’s. Forgive me if I have missed your reporting.. but like most american news sources, the decimation is rarely reported. Human rights conflict of great magnitude. Especially for the backing of the u.s. might in dollars and weapons.

Why should the rich give their money so everyone can sit on their ass …Get up work take care if yourself. DUMB AS BRICKS IF YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN LET THE GOVERNMENT USE OUR MONEY TO DICTATE HEALTHCARE AND EQUAL WEALTH..COMPLETE IDIOTS

Yeah, I guess Trump is responsible for their lack of intervention in Rwanda, Bosnia, and elsewhere?

Sorry Not sorry!
America first, only after we help our citizens can we help anyone half a globe away.

Trump has nothing to do with this… from outside the US no one thinks of the Murica when it comes to these things… self-appointed world policeman (aka belligerent and warmonger) but not among the peacemakers… hint: the world was f***** up pre-Trumo too

The un is probably in charge of this

They’re brown skinned right? Why would Trump care? How much will they contribute to his campaign? Nothing…ahhh well then, there will be no intervention from the USA…not unless they decide for whatever reason they want to take over The Congo…does it have oil?

Third world countries: F&^% the US, leave us alone….two minutes after the US leaves…why did the US leave! we need them here.

trump? "instant gratification-" whether it’s a quick afternoon at the golf course, – or, cutting funds "stat" from Peacekeeping…seat-of-the-pants "leadership" 🤨

This is happening all over the world, in a variety of ways, including developed countries.

You are missing the point Democracy Now! Follow the money! The reason why inside and outside forces want Kabila to remain in power is because he has done the bidding of the multinational corporations and any democratic election could see someone of Lumumba’s ilk gain power and change the status quo. Cuts to UN peacekeeping is only part of the problem. So which MNCs want the status quo? They need investigating for their connections to governments and influence on foreign policy.

i cannot believe the comments i read sometimes. here it is about trump taking money too fast and without warning from a humanitarian intl budget. have u ever worked on a budget and worked on adjusting it when shit happens? esp. with state money? good morning!

Blaming trump gosh it’s non stop

this filthy moron trump-ju can offer refugee status to WHITE
S. AFRICANS set to be slaughtered by black s. africans?
oh ya! I forgot betwen your dumbphone and god-dam
fag-football you don’t give a shit!
welcome to n.america

The readiness of this administration to save the lives of Africans, Puerto Rican Americans, or other people of color is balanced by its unwillingness.
‘Thou shalt not kill, but need not strive officiously to keep alive.’

The idiocy of his assertions is laughable. Worst part is, there are people reading this garbage that are shaking their heads in agreement because they are too ignorant to think for themselves.

Obambi biden killary and rogue pentagoons in the usa federal govt. along with us military and chinaman has 100,000 troops in in our mexican american border
this moron and the ju dual citizen traitors in congress TRYING TO TAKE ALL THE GUNS.
ju"s EUTHANIZING AFRICANS and WHITES after inciting the blacks to murder the whites
and the ju trump does NOTHING! the amarican way.
Rumor has it the Chinese behind closed doors are spearheading the land grab in South Africa
And it explains why Julius Malema et al aren’t worried about the backlash in the investment sector against the move to expropriate the farmland without compensation. The Chinese will fill in the space of European investors bailing out. This was a strategic move by the Chinese. The West really needs to heed what is going on in the world. China and Russia are trying"
and since
this assessment has tracktion in my opinion!
1. china in Zimbabwe 2003
9then in 2014 Zimbabwe asked the whites would return?
Now, i’m suspect china involvement in Libya’s confiscation of her gold! i’m hedging my bet a contrived thief of Libya gold orchestrated by rothchilds and karzarian mob! was a payment from the united states to china as a debt payments! china evacuated 29,000 people out of Libya in 2011 – were allowed to leave and i’m suspect with a shit-load of her, Libya Gold on to ships.
Another location of insurgent of china military incursion is in Samolia,
with a new airport and development programs contracted! I’m believe that the usa military command in Africa has fallen in to covert isreali/chinaman doctrine. calling for for American air sorties and ground personal to engage Africans in Samolia! on behalf of isreali/chinaman collaboration hijacking American Protocols. Washington pedofiles are clueless!
A point of observation in similar covert hijacking of American Protocols was organized and carried out right under Washington pedofiles surveillance of Pakistan! China built the 8th Wonder of the World – A mega super economic corridor highway. Alowing massive economic expansion to Saudi Arabia and Africa. The SECURITY FOR THIS ECONOMIC MASSIVE CORRIDOR WAS THE US MILITARY BOMBING OF PAKISTANI FORCES IN PAKISTAN.…
MOVING THEM OUT OF THE WAY FOR CHINESE CONSTRUCTION. of china economic development super corridor .
like in Kenya; these abandon complexes are not for Kenyans! there for chinaman invading force and enslave the Kenyan’s.

Nicki Haley is a racist troll. She is the new Leopold.

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2 days ago

Democracy Now!

In 1970, Aretha Franklin offered to pay Angela Davis’ bail and supported her publically—something few celebrities were willing to do at the time because Davis was a communist. "I will be forever grateful to Aretha, because I think she played such an integral role in—of the success of the campaign," Davis said. See our full Davis interview here: See MoreSee Less


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Murder, kidnapping and criminal conspiracy are the charges that Dr. Angela Davis was acquitted of by an all white jury in June of 1972. I had just graduated from high school and was preparing to enter college in the fall. There were many of us that were acutely aware of the US government’s attempts to murder and suppress our Black political activists. That verdict occupied the news at the same time 5 burglars were caught carrying out Nixon’s reelection strategy to undermine the Democratic party’s campaign and steal the election. Simultaneously, operation "linebacker" was in full swing in Vietnam. A hell of a lot was going on at that time. The fact that any celebrity’s contribution to sister Angela’s liberation was obscured during those times is not remarkable. Those times were incredibly remarkable!

The 70’s was a time of great sorrow, of tragedy, but also a time of awakening. We all thought (or hoped) that consciousness opening would grow and expand.
But it didn’t. It withered. And has morphed into something unrecognizable today.
I feel we are on the cusp of something. Just not sure what!

I had the great opportunity to be a student in Angela Davis’s class -‘women, class and race’ at San Francisco State University in 1978- I took 3 classes with her. I didn’t know Aretha Franklin bailed her out of jail ( or I forgot)!

A political button I treasure.

One of the greatest accomplishments was how the song Respect became hers after she covered this Otis Redding hit. Then she took Carol King’s gift to her Natural Woman to the top of the charts. Aretha could make a grown man cry and a grown woman dance until she’s whole again. That’s Queen business.

The 60’s and 70’s We’re The Best of Time’s… Awakening Age!!!!

I never realized that SHE TOO was so involved the BLACK EXPERIENCE!

Both women were fearless in the face of adversity…Supporting each other regardless

We don’t often see old ladies look happy, but the joy on Davis’ face as she talks about Franklin, though they never met, is beautiful.

I wanted to be Angela Davis in a lot of ways …Copied her huge Afro, became outspoken about our civil rights and even made my own dishekis. This lady became a role model for a lot of young black woman back then.

I remember those words she said I will never forget what she did for Ms Angela Davis.Thank you Ms. Franklin!❤️🌹🙏

I remember when Angela Davis came to my alma mater , Ohio University in about 1975! It was quite an experience just to hear her speak! She’s still an awesome woman!


Two true American Heroes!!!

I remember this. Aretha was considered “mainstream” and Angela “radical”. How little we knew of the facts!!

The only thing new in that is that she credits capitalism with improvements in commerce. I heard no claim of innocence

A model for a just America. She knew that it was not enough to be a legendary singer, you also have to be a good person.

My mum was an avid Angela Davis supporter. I remember her wearing a Free Angela Davis badge 👌🏽

Rest in peace, Queen of soul. There will never be another voice like hers.

I’m from the 70’s Angela! Loved you then, love you now. Have met many millennial Angelas that will be continuing the work. I know you are continuing the struggle, as am I, but it was a great day to watch this interview, so that it may make the young ones research your proud history.—You’rs in struggle—Bill Waddell

Thank you, Angela Davis.


Love both of these women. Remember the turmoil well.

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