Hi All,

The show seems to be coming along but I always appreciate feedback. We had a few interesting guests this month and I enjoyed all of them. This coming Monday I will be going solo. Not too bad, it give me an opportunity to keep my speaking skills in tact. As long as you can get by my Brooklyn accent we will be fine. As for what I will be discussing…. well…. as much as I try to avoid politics we do have a new President so proper attention must be paid, at least for a while. However if there is anything you would like to discuss feel free to call the show and I can shift gears easily.

I have been considering building a website for the show. A good idea for sure, just have to decide on a look. I also have a few ideas for a Youtube show. If nothing else I am an idea man. Some are good and some are not but there is always an idea. One idea that needs formulating is how to make this show really pay off. Any ideas please email me, UpFrontFrank@Gmail.com

Looking forward to you joining me Monday night at 9:00 pm Est.. Feel free to call, 212-631-7553.