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“If I can’t walk, then I might as well fly!”

March 23, 2017 4:17 pm
Set your clocks- 7PM EST tonight-Thursday March 23rd

Join morphmom moments with Guest- Olympian, Author and Survivor- Janine Shepherd- as we discuss her latest book-

DEFIANT: A Broken Body Is Not A Broken Person chronicling her remarkable life as an Australian elite ski racer, who was hit by a truck during a bicycle ride in the Blue Mountains of Australia, just before competing in the Calgary Winter Olympics. Doctors did not expect Janine to survive after her accident, and when she did, they warned her that she would never walk again. She not only learned to walk again, she learned to fly.

A candid conversation of Fertility

March 16, 2017 5:20 pm Join us for a very candid conversation about fertility- the bad and the good.   March 16th!
No question will go unanswered!

The Perception of Success…

March 13, 2017 1:49 pm The key to success was the perception of success…
Join me today-Monday March 13th  at 12:15- morphmom moments radio show-
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Joan Juliet Buck, the only child of larger-than-life film producer Jules Buck, was born into a world of make-believe. Her childhood was a whirlwind of famous faces: John Huston, Peter O’Toole, Lauren Bacall, Federico Fellini, Angelica Huston, and many more; ever-changing home addresses: London, Paris, Cannes, Los Angeles; and the unspoken lesson that appearances mattered more than reality. When Joan became the first and only American woman ever to fill the coveted position of Editor in Chief of Paris Vogue, she quickly became a force in the cult of fashion and beauty. as we discuss her new memoir- The Price of Illusion

NYT journalist James Barron as we discuss his latest book- “the One Cent Magenta:Inside the Quest to Own the Most Valuable Stamp in the World!
In 2014, a stamp known as “The One-Cent Magenta” was sold at Sotheby’s for nearly $9.5 million, the largest amount ever paid for a postage stamp at auction. Today, it is the most expensive object in the world by weight, but when it was first printed in 1856, the stamp cost (as its name suggests) just a penny. What is it about our compulsion to collect, the human desire to own what is most rare, that can give an item—including a tiny, beat-up postage stamp—such extraordinary value?

Alien Domicile

March 9, 2017 5:42 pm
oin morphmom moments, Thursday night, March 9th with special guest Kelly Schwarze, emmy nominated film director and producer… and most recently author of “Alien Domicile” a book based upon his movie!
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