Morphmom Moments radio show- Special Time- 5pm this Thursday- October 27th-
My special guest ,Washington Post staff writer Joel Achenbach, will join us!  He  has written the National Geographic Magazine November 2016 cover story, “Elon Musk wants to go to Mars.” The article outlines the SpaceX and NASA programs to MARS that include not only the rocket that will take us there, but how passengers will be cared for and how those arriving on the red planet will live. The cover story is part of a major National Geographic MARS initiative this fall, including the National Geographic Channel docu-drama series MARS, in partnership with Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, premiering on Monday, Novemebr 14 at 9/8c..

Joel Achenbach has been a staff writer for The Washington Post since 1990. He has reported for the Style section, the Magazine, Outlook, and, since 2007, the national desk, focusing on science and politics. For seven years he wrote the syndicated column “Why Things Are.” In 1999 he started the newsroom’s first online-only column, “Rough Draft,” and in 2005 began writing’s first blog, Achenblog, the longest-running blog of any major newspaper in America.