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The Documenting Hope Project:
Children can get better, and illness can be prevented. Let us show you how.

beth lambert headshot2
 Beth Lambert:
 Executive Producer of the Documenting Hope Project and the Founder and Executive Director of Epidemic Answers, a 501c3 non-pro
fit organization dedicated to educating the public about the epidemic of chronic illness affecting our youth, and helping parents find healing solutions. Beth is also the author of A Compromised Generation: The Epidemic of Chronic Illness in America’s Children (Sentient, 2010). Beth is a former healthcare consultant and teacher. She attended Oxford University and graduated with honors from Williams
College. She holds an M.A. in American Studies, with a concentration in American Healthcare, from Fairfield University

Mary Toulouse:
 Head of Development and Fundraising for the Documenting Hope Project and is a Board Member of Epidemic Answers, a 501-C non-profit sponsoring the project. She and her husband Brendan reside in Harrison, NY and have 8 year old twins, Annie and Connor. Annie was born with a rare cranio-facial condition called Hemi-Facial Microsomia and Microtia. Connor was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2.
Mary and her husband Brendan have been working vigilantly for several years on finding the best care for their children’s conditions. Through the work that Mary has done with the Documenting Hope project she has been introduced to various methodologies to assist in the recovery program she has for her son. She is currently working with a variety of integrative practitioners using a holistic approach to find the root causes of Connor’s conditions. She runs a full time Son-Rise home program for Connor through consultation with the Autism Treatment Center of America. Over her 3 years of work with the Documenting Hope Project Mary has encountered numerous mothers, doctors, healers, therapists and many recovered children. Some of these people have been highly influential in the work that she has not only done for Connor but also for her daughter Annie as well. Annie is presently working with several cutting edge and integrative practitioners and this would have never have happened if not for the amazing people Mary has met through the Documenting Hope Project. Mary always says that Connor in some way has been there to aide his sister and so many others out there that his mother has helped even if he still cannot express it in words himself.


Michelle Pesce:
 Nutritional Therapist, believing the key to healthier, happier lives begins with the awakening of our palate rendering vegetables just as satisfying as a cookie. With her intensive training at the Nutritional Therapy Association and certifications from the Natural Gourmet Institute, Michelle has a solid, science based foundation and a compassionate understanding between the relationship food has on one’s health. Accessing her training both in the kitchen and in the clinical setting, Michelle brings a skilled and sustainable approach to wellness guiding clients towards healthier food preferences with individualized eating plans for every lifestyle. Please find her on linkedin or Facebook while her website is under construction.

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