This month will be electric.

October: everyone’s favorite month, and if you say it isn’t, you better have a good reason. October means binge drinking liquids that are warm, spicy, and full of magic. October means turning off the AC that was burning a bigger hole in your pocket than it was keeping your apartment cool. October means the leaves sacrificing their lives to become a colorful palette of seasonal shades.

October also means new music. The “song of the summer” has officially been picked, and now it is time to gear up for the pre-holiday bops that will be coming out. Here are some of the most anticipated albums that will be release:


Heaven Upside Down – Marilyn Manson (October 6th)



I guarantee that if David Bowie had a child while stuck in the world of “Labyrinth,” it would have been Marilyn Manson. With the recent stirring between Manson and Justin Bieber, we can expect that this will be a popular streaming album.


Poppy.Computer – Poppy (October 6th)



Somewhere between kids show, pop singer, and simulation comes the artist Poppy, made by Titanic Sinclair, a member of the now broken up Mars Argo. With several conspiracy videos already having emerged about exactly who or what Poppy is, she is a sensation that spreads quickly. Her hit “Lowlife” from the EP “Bubblebath” makes for big expectations.


Colors – Beck (October 13th)



Somehow, Beck’s music is able to staple the time period it is released without becoming irrelevant as it ages. He adapts to music so well while still bringing his bard stylings to each piece. Devoted fans have been playing “Morning Phase” on repeat since 2014 and have been ready for his new musings. He has been releasing singles from the album since 2015, and it is about time the full composer is released.


Lotta Sea Lice – Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile (October 13th)



The collaboration we needed so badly. This light-hearted video for the song “Over Everything” off the upcoming album shares a beautifully depressing world. This is a Kurt and Courtney that we can get behind.


The Ooz – King Krule (October 13th)



He has come back from the dead. His album, coming out on a Friday the 13th and just before Halloween, fits the tone of October perfectly. Fans have been waiting patiently since the release of his first and most recent album “6 Feet Beneath The Moon” for 4 years.


Carry Fire – Robert Plant (October 13th)



With heavy strumming guitars and uplifting lyricism, Robert Plant has shown how truly diverse his range of music spans. It’s safe to say that this album was meticulously made.


Masseduction – St. Vincent (October 13th)



With her recent breakup with supermodel Cara Delevingne, it’s safe to say that the undertones of loss and heartbreak are inspired. This is our fly-on-the-bright-colored-wall view of their relationship. St. Vincent traded her mad-scientist grey hair for a sleek brown bob, but did not lose any of her dynamic electro-pop talent.


Pacific Daydream – Weezer (October 27th)



Something about Weezer will permanently feel adolescent. Does Weezer have a Dorian Grey album, not released to the public, that keep them so young and fresh? Weezer is another band that is loved by multiple generations. Be sure to share this CD with your mom, pop, and grandparents too.