It started with skew dice

I found myself in a Montreal toy store. Deformed red dice caught my eye. Though these still had six sides, no side was the same size as another, each side instead a quadrilateral trapezoid, of varying area.

In other words : these dice were unfair. Not exactly random. Not strictly a cube.

So I bought the dice, wondering which side(s) the dice would favor when thrown.

I biked back on a bixi, and watched the second (U.S.) presidential debate with my host. She asked me questions about politics. I didn’t really know what to say. I returned to my room.

I took the layers of some of the songs from  Coils , and I chopped them up, flipped them around, and changed their speed. I made new instruments from these broken, twisted pieces. With them, I recorded five improvisations.

I wondered whether these recordings would work as interstitials on  Coils . Later I would opt instead for piano solo instrumentals. Later I would stare at the strange dice and get an idea for the album cover.

As I wind down the release of new music from  Coils , I’m sharing these strange castaways that I wrote in Montreal with you as bonus tracks. Here.

I don’t know when the next email blast will be. But to those of you who support this musical endeavor, please know that I am so grateful.

– Brent