The first of several big waves are coming. So grab your board, and get ready to hang ten. One of the first things we are doing during this rebranding process is acquiring more shows for the station. We have a few new hosts to the station, which is fantastic! We are so glad people want to be part of our community.

The other new shows, however, are shows that may already be syndicated and are being rebroadcast over our airwaves. We realize that the old CWRN shows were being played on repeat day after day. While we love listening to the rebroadcasts of those shows, adding new shows will give even more content to our airwaves. This way you can listen while you work as CWRN curates podcasts and other radio shows to play along with our old shows.

As we move forward as a company, we are looking to fill up 24 hours a day seven days a week with great content to play alongside our hosts. Some of the new shows we have added are The Appetizer, Earth Wise, and Democracy Now!

Our on-air contributors are very important to us, but our audience members are just as important! We want to know your ideas, thoughts, opinions, and value any input you can give. If you would like to see the stations and meet the hosts in person, feel free to attend our event on October the 8th! Unlimited food and drink (hard or soft) with a ticket, which is only $20 and a steal in New York.