Several readers made goals at the beginning of 2017 to read a certain number of books. “Totally do-able” we all thought as we punched in those numbers on Goodreads. With the ambition of the new year, many have overestimated the amount of books they would read and have put it off until now. There is a month left to reach your goal. Are you nervous? Don’t be.

City World Radio Network could be just the help you needed to complete your goals. During the day, they will be playing audiobooks on air. While, this isn’t reading it still can help you cheat your way to finishing those last ten books that you need to get to 2018 with your TBR goal met.

So far they have been playing War and Peace by Tolstoy, a classic that many students need to read for class (and can get help for finals by listening to on air.) They are taking suggestions for other novels on their twitter @CityWorldRadio or on their website.

CWRN will be playing Christmas and Hanukkah stories during December in order to celebrate holidays.