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When: Mondays 7:00pm

About Johnny Mandolin

Johnny Mandolin was born in an East Coast Italian neighborhood, and grew up listening to all the wonderful classic Italian songs from birth. At six years old, he picked up a mandolin and learned to play. Times were tough back then, and many people tried to influence the youth of the neighborhood as they struggled in their daily existence. Johnny Mandolin was no exception.

Being 100% Italian-American, from an Italian neighborhood, there were many who tried to influence him to take the “easy way”, join the wrong people and do the wrong thing. But he believed in the true old ways and making his money honestly, so he picked up a mandolin instead. He went on to play throughout the Italian neighborhood, and later with his recordings, in many Italian neighborhoods across the USA. Now he is nationally known for his mandolin and his music. His instrumental CDs appear in countless TV and film soundtracks. His Italian and jazz CDs are often heard in Italian restaurants and cafés as well. This CD was recorded live in studio.

Johnny Mandolin a favorite of those who live in Little Italy, and in Italian households all over the US. He can be seen performing often in Little Italy NY at E. Rossi’s & Company’s store in Little Italy, NY, Florio’s Restaurant in Little Italy, and Arturo’s Coal Oven Pizza Restaurant in the West Village, NYC, on TV and radio, and many other places, playing his mandolin and playing best-loved classic Italian songs, as well as jazz standards. He is also an accomplished jazz guitar player and has several jazz guitar CDs available. Johnny Mandolin is a frequent guest-speaker, actor, and spokesman.

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