Hosts: AC Lowe and Bill Russo
When: Mondays 8:00 pm (rebroadcast Saturdays at 1 pm)

About AC Lowe and Bill Russo

“The AC Lowe Show”  program alternates each week with “The Bill Russo Show”

Listen to “AC Lowe Show” on Spreaker.

Listen to “AC Lowe Show” on Spreaker.

Listen to “Bill Russo Show” on Spreaker.

The AC Lowe Show is about New Yorkers and everything we do. We have actors, authors, writers, playwrights, producers, singers, dancers, priests and rabbis, cops and crooks, rappers and plumbers. You get the idea. We talk about and with New Yorkers. The greatest bunch of achievers in the world. People come from all over the country just so they can become a New Yorker. Comedians and scientists, rich, poor and working class. The conversations with this endless variety of people are stimulating, informative and fun. We also play in between our discussions with our guests every kind of music in the world. Everything from Rap to the opera with jazz and 50s, 60, doo-wop in between and a whole lot more music, including some original music written and performed by our guests. That is “The AC Lowe Show” every other Monday night on

With executive leadership experience in real estate management, construction management, charitable causes, media and in community involvement, William ‘Bill’ Russo has a wide range of life experiences.
He is the host of the Bill Russo Show, an internet radio program on The theme of his show is “Time for conversation, music and good causes”. Bill believes that everyone is a star and endeavors to present guests from all walks of life and backgrounds. Bill consistently makes fabulous introductions of interesting and talented people and connects people to each other.
Bill Russo and Anthony Lofaso, who hosts the AC Lowe Show, broadcast on alternating Mondays. Bill has hosted his own radio show for the past 10 years. He has produced radio shows, concerts, and videos.
Bill has served as the Master of Ceremonies at the annual Staten Island AMC Music Festival an event to raise awareness of Arthrogryposis Myoplex Congenital. Info He has appeared in acting roles on stage in off-Broadway productions and in films.
He currently serves as the volunteer Director of Activities in the Chinatown Little Italy Historic District at the Shrine Church of Most Precious Blood Church on Baxter Street in Manhattan. There he founded the Little Italy Seniors Club and The Music & Voices Concert Series.
In 2012 Bill established the non-profit Anna Quadrino Fund. It provides awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease and raises money to support the search for a cure while providing resources for Caregivers. Info at
In 2010 he established the San Gennaro Feast Blood Drive in partnership with The American Red Cross. He is the Chairman of the Membership Committee of the Italian Heritage Committee of New York, Inc.
Bill is a graduate of Brooklyn College and Brooklyn Technical High School.